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Twilight Slumber Parties reserves the right to cancel any party for any reason we feel that would affect the safety of our staff, themed party inventory, and/or conflicts that arise with the hiring clients.

While working with customers, we’re constantly learning about their needs and managing inquiries that arise. As a result, we’ve included a list of frequently asked questions along with answers in order to provide additional support. If your question isn’t addressed on our website, get in touch with us and we’ll provide the information you need.


Twilight Slumber Parties assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents or damages. In the event of damage or loss of our inventory and/or damage or loss to the party’s location, the financial responsibility lies entirely on the client.

Twilight Slumber Parties is not responsible for allergic reactions or any other medical reaction stemming from the use of our tents and accessories during the party. In the case of liability and/or financial remuneration due to the aforementioned, the responsibility lies strictly with the client.


How to pay: We accept all major credit cards thru Paypal. 

Refundable Deposit: $150.00 per party – Due when rental agreement is signed. 

All themed party balances MUST be paid 1 week before your scheduled party.

We are a reservation-based company and do not keep dates with unpaid balances due to  the high demand for party reservations.


We ask that no pets are in or directly around the party setup area. 
All parties MUST be set up in a smoke-free environment.
We reserve the right to charge a $100.00 Cleaning Fee as well as the surrender of your deposit if the Tents and Party accessories are soiled with the smell of smoke.


All tomato-based entrees, pasta, greasy or messy foods are not to be served on bed linens in order to keep them from being stained. Only light snacks may be eaten inside the tents (i.e. Popcorn, Pretzels). All beverages should be light-colored or clear (no cola products or fruit punch).
No food items containing tomatoes, tomato sauce, or dark-colored jellies.
While we understand accidents can happen, you may be held responsible for any damage to any of Twilight Slumber Parties property. Any food or pet stains on the tents or party accessories will incur a $100.00 cleaning fee and the loss of deposit.


Damage and/or defacement other than normal wear and tear of property belonging to Twilight Slumber Parties will result in assessment of charges and billing to the hiring client.
The hiring client is responsible for damages to property of Twilight Slumber Parties from that of the hiring client and/or guests (i.e. no pens, pencils, or markers inside tents). There should be no sharp objects that may puncture the air mattress.
Deposits are refunded after drop-off and inspection that no damage is done to products; if there is damage to any of the products, the cost will be deducted from your deposit.


The following applies to any cancellation made for any reason by the hiring client.

If you need to reschedule, we will work with you to find an opening in our schedule. If you cancel 4 weeks or less from the party date, you forfeit your paid deposit.

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